Fractional difference equation

The fractional Schrödinger equation, a fundamental equation of fractional quantum mechanics, has the following form: i ℏ ∂ ψ ( r , t ) ∂ t = D α ( − ℏ 2 Δ ) α 2 ψ ( r , t ) + V ( r , t ) ψ ( r , t ) . {\displaystyle i\hbar {\frac {\partial \psi (\mathbf

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Fractional Difference Equations and Applications

Fractional Differential Equations Diffusion Processes. Fractional differential equations (FDEs) involve fractional derivatives of the form , which are Variational Iteration Method and
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Fractional Order Difference Equations

A difference equation is a relation between the differences of a function at one or more general values of the independent variable. These equations usually

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A study on fractional differential equations using the fractional

A fractional order differential equation (FODE) is a generalized form of an integer order differential equation. The FODE is useful in many areas, e.g., for the depiction of a