Horizontal, Vertical Asymptotes and Solved Examples

A vertical asymptote is a vertical line at the x value for which the denominator will equal to zero. Let's look at this example: The denominator has two factors. When we set them equal to zero

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How to Find Intercepts & Asymptotes from a Graph of a

An asymptote is a line that the graph of the function approaches, but never touches. In the parent function f(x)=1x , both the x - and y -axes are asymptotes. The graph of the parent function will

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How to find asymptotes of a graph

Step 1: Find lim ₓ→∞ f (x). i.e., apply the limit for the function as x→∞. Step 2: Find lim ₓ→ -∞ f (x). i.e., apply the limit for the function as x→ -∞. Step 3: If either (or both) of the above limits are