Are you among those people who love video games more than anything? More than just being in school? Or play basketball with your friends? Or go out with friends? The truth is that everyone loves games, young or old; There is no age limit to be able to play a particular game or not, right? Games have become a source of entertainment for everyone, including adults. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of gaming, how gaming is beneficial in certain situations and not so much in some.

The pros of the games  :

1)  Great source of entertainment and good stress relief  : Most age groups are vulnerable to stress; whether it’s working long hours, being in school all day, or encountering stressful situations at home. The most effective way to avoid stress is to stay away from stressful situations and adopt positive views in life. And this can be done by doing what you love to do. If gaming is what makes you happy, then it’s worth playing video or online games for a while to relieve your stress.

2)  Good Socialization Device  : With modern technologies, what made games even more popular now is the fact that people can play with other people randomly online. Also, playing with and communicating with random people allows you to make new friends and socialize with other people who tend to have the same interest, making playing a game even more fun. So in a way, the game is a friend to teenagers or anyone else because it entertains young brains as long as they are playing good games.

The cons of the games:

1)  Separate yourself from the real world  – Some people are so involved in the gaming world that they can’t see  past  it. They lose interest in outdoor activities; they fall behind in school because they don’t find education and homework as fun as playing video games; like being home all day to play their games.

2)  Eye damage and increased risk of obesity : As fun and enjoyable as the game is, don’t you become addicted to television? When people love games and find it so enjoyable, they tend to fall behind on other important things. Their life is limited to that room where they can sit and play all day, and that is what comforts them and makes them happy. This can turn into a long-term health problem, since if you stay at home all day on a sofa playing, you tend to eat a lot of junk food and much more compared to going out and playing ball with friends. which consumes some energy. In addition, sitting all day and not doing any physical work can also increase the risk of obesity. Also, let’s not forget to watch the computer or television screen for a long period of time as games are very harmful to the eyes and can weaken eyesight in the long term.

The bottom line is that everyone should enjoy doing what they love; in this case playing, but also be proactive and take care of your own health. Play games, but for a short period of time, get more involved in outdoor activities, and focus on your education as well.

Charmi Patel is a home business author, student, and loves to play video games.

He likes to play video games online or on any of the gaming devices out there. You want to share with others what the real world of video games is and the advantages and disadvantages associated with gaming.

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