How to find the x and y intercepts

How to find the x-intercepts Simply solve the quadratic equation by any of the following methods by factoring the quadratic equation using the quadratic formula completing the square or by


Intercepts Calculator

Starting with the graph of f (x) = 5x , write the equation of the graph that results when: (a) f (x) is shifted 8 units downward. y = . (b) f (x) is shifted 7 units to the right. y = . (c) f (x) is reflected

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Intercepts of lines review (x-intercepts and y-intercepts) (article)

X and y-intercept can be found by observing the graph of the line. By knowing the points on the axis where the graph line cuts the coordinate axis, we can find the x and y-intercept. Observe

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How to find x

Finding x and y intercepts. Put x = 0 to. Now click the button “solve” to. Change the given linear equation which is in the form ax+by+c = 0 into the intercept form. Enter the coefficients

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