Radical problems and answers

isolate the square root: √ (2x+9) = 5. square both sides: 2x+9 = 25. Now it should be easier to solve! Move 9 to right: 2x = 25 − 9 = 16. Divide by 2: x = 16/2 = 8. Answer: x = 8. Check: √

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Solving Radical Equations

Answer: III. This example will require you to square twice because there are two radicals in the problem. 3x− 2x−5=−2 ⇐ First, isolate one radical by adding 2x−5 to both sides. 3x= 2x−5−2

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Algebra II : Simplifying Radicals

The intent of these problems is for instructors to use them for assignments and having solutions/answers easily available defeats that purpose. Section 1-3 : Radicals For
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Solve Radical Equations – Intermediate Algebra

1) Isolate the radical symbol on one side of the equation 2) Square both sides of the equation to eliminate the radical symbol 3) Solve the equation that comes out after the squaring process

8.6: Solve Radical Equations

Exponents and Radicals. Easy. Normal. Exponents and Radicals: Problems with Solutions. Problem 1. Which of the following is true? $7^{2} 3^{4}$ $7^{2}>3^{4}$ $\ 7^{2}=3^{4}$

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Simplify Radicals

For problems 1 – 4 write the expression in exponential form. 7√y y 7 Solution. 3√x2 x 2 3 Solution. 6√ab a b 6 Solution. √w2v3 w 2 v 3 Solution. For problems 5 – 7 evaluate the

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