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Word Problem Multi Step Equation Teaching Resources

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Multi-Step Equations Practice Problems with Answers

1) Solve the multi-step equation for \large {c} c. c - 20 = 4 - 3c c − 20 = 4 − 3c. Answer. 2) Solve the multi-step equation for \large {n} n. - \,4\left ( { - 3n - 8}

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Multi-Step Equations

Multi-Step Equation Worksheets. A huge collection of printable multi-step equations worksheets involving integers, fractions and decimals as coefficients are given here for abundant practice.

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HW7--Multi-Step Equations Word Problems.pdf

2x + 15 = - 3x. Answer. Subtract both sides by 2x. Finally, divide both sides of the equation by -5. 3) Solve the two-step equation for k. {\Large { {k \over 4}}} - 7 = -

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Of course, answer keys are provided with each free algebra worksheet. Equations and Word Problems (Two Step Equations) Worksheet 1 – This 10 problem worksheet will help you
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