Congruent in geometry

In geometry, congruent means that one figure is identical to another in shape and size. That means, when we place one figure on the other, they will be superimposed exactly. These

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Congruent Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

Congruent Angles If two angles have the same measure in degrees, they are congruent angles. The angles may or may not lie in the same position or

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What is Congruent? Definition, Examples, Facts

The word congruent with respect to congruent lines in geometry is defined as the equality between the two line segments. Two lines are said to be congruent when they have the same

Geometry Tips : What Is the Meaning of Congruent?

We understand that identical shapes and sizes are called congruent in geometry. In congruent figures, the shape and size should remain equal when we flip, turn or even rotate the shapes.


In geometry, two angles are said to be congruent if they have the same measure. In other words, congruent angles are angles that have equal degrees. For example, a 45-degree angle is

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Congruent (Congruence)

In mathematics, the definition of congruent angles is angles that are equal in the measure are known as congruent angles. In other words, equal angles are congruent angles. It is denoted by the symbol ≅, so if we want to represent