How do you find the focus and directrix of a parabola

College algebra students learn How do you find the focus and directrix of a parabola, and manipulate different types of functions.

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How to Find the Directrix & Focus of a Parabola

Now we will learn how to find the focus & directrix of a parabola from the equation. So, when the equation of a parabola is y – k = a (x – h) 2 Here, the value of a = 1/4C So the focus is (h, k + C), the vertex is (h, k) and the

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How To Find The Vertex Focus and Directrix Of The Parabola

How to find the focus and directrix of the parabola? 1 Determine the horizontal or vertical axis of symmetry. 2 Write the standard equation. 3 Compare the given equation with
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How to Find the Focus & Directrix of a Parabola

The focus and the directrix are equidistant from the vertex of the parabola. Here we define the focus for the standard equations of a parabola. The focus of the parabola y2= 4ax, and having