How to write an equation from a graph parabola

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Finding a quadratic function with a parabola

The equation for the parabola may be written in the form y = a (x – h)² + k. In this form the vertex is the point (h, k), and you don't need to do any math to find the vertex beyond interpreting the graph correctly. 5 Set up a table with chosen values of x. Create a table with particular values of x in the first column. See more

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Vertex Form

Use a graphing utility to graph the equation and verify your result.Watch the full video at:https://www.n Write an equation of the parabola in standard form. Use a graphing utility to

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Writing the Equation of Parabolas

Step 1: Find the vertex, ( h, k ), of the parabola on the graph, and plug it into the vertex form of a quadratic equation. Since this parabola opens downwards, the vertex is the maximum


Find Equation of a Parabola from a Graph

write an equation of a parabola from a given graph, vertex form and standard formFor more algebra tutorials, please see my new channel Just Algebra https:/