How to spell fraction

The most common convention when spelling out fractions as words is to write the top number (the numerator) as a cardinal number (e.g., three, four, five) and the bottom number (the

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How to Write Fractions in Words

Fractions may also often be written with a hyphen; for example, ‘ four-fifths ’ or ‘ four fifths ’ would both be possible depending on the context: “Over three quarters of the participants come from
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How to Say Fractions in English

Place the cursor where you would like the fraction to be. Press Ctrl + F9 at the same time to insert a pair of field brackets. Place the cursor inside the field brackets, and type

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How to Read, Pronounce, & Write Fractions in English

How to Say Fractions in English 101,358 views Aug 26, 2017 In this English lesson, you will learn how to say fractions in English. It's very important for cooking or baking when you're

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