How to get the horizontal asymptote

To find the horizontal asymptote of a rational function, find the degrees of the numerator (n) and degree of the denominator (d). If n d, then there is no HA. If n = d

Find a Functions Horizontal Asymptotes

To find horizontal asymptotes, we may write the function in the form of y=. You can expect to find horizontal asymptotes when you are plotting a rational function, such as: y = x3+2x2+9

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Finding Horizontal Asymptotes of Rational Functions

Then the horizontal asymptote can be calculated by dividing the factors before the highest power in the numerator by the factor of the highest power in the denominator. example

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Horizontal Asymptote Rules

A horizontal asymptote is a horizontal line that tells us how a line will behave at the edge of a graph. It indicates the general behavior on a graph usually far off to its sides. Formula to

2-07 Asymptotes of Rational Functions

To find a horizontal asymptote, compare the degrees of the polynomials in the numerator and denominator of the rational function. The degree of difference between the
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How to find a horizontal asymptote

If the degree of the polynomials both in numerator and denominator is equal, then divide the coefficients of highest degree terms to get the horizontal asymptotes. If the degree of the

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