Spherical cap volume calculator

Spherical Cap Calculator For a simpler partially-filled sphere calculator, click here. For a sphere volume calculator, click here. It calculates volume when you input radius, diameter, circumference, area or volume. Click on the 2 variables

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Volume Calculator

Formulas for calculating the cap of a sphere. Cap volume. V s = 1 3 ⋅π ⋅h2 ⋅(3 ⋅r−h) V s = 1 3 · π · h 2 · ( 3 · r − h) Cap height. h = r− √r2 −a2 h = r − r 2 − a 2. Cap radius. a = √r2 −(r−h)2 a = r 2 − ( r −

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Spherical Cap volume and surface area, calculator, formula

Volume of Spherical Cap formula is defined as the total quantity of three dimensional space enclosed by the entire surface of the Spherical Cap and is represented as V = (h ^2)*(pi /3)*((3*
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A Spherical Cap Is A Perfect Way To Top Off A Sphere!

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Sphere Volume Calculator

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Spherical Cap Volume Calculator

Enter the radius and height of a spherical cap into the calculator to determine both the volume and area of the cap. Unit Circle Calculator; Circumference Calculator (+ Circle Area) Central