Translate to an algebraic expression

Translate the sentence into an algebraic equation: The sum of 6 6 and 9 9 is 15 15. Solution The word is tells us the equal sign goes between 9 and 15. Locate the “equals” word (s). Write the =

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2.4: Evaluate, Simplify, and Translate Expressions (Part 2)

Translate each word phrase into an algebraic expression: 1. The difference of

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Translating Words Into Algebraic Expressions: Free Guide

Translate Words to Algebraic Expressions Lew Sterling Jr contributed Talking is always considered to be a great way of expressing one's self whether with spoken word or just flat out

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Translating Algebra Expressions. You've learned how to work with variables and how to evaluate algebra expressions, now we are going to translate words into algebraic expressions. This

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