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How to find gcd of two numbers

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C Program to Find GCD of two Numbers

gcd (a – b, b) else: gcd (a, b – a) At some point, one number becomes factor of the other so instead of repeatedly subtracting till both become equal, we check if it is factor of the

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Greatest Common Divisor

The steps to calculate the GCD of (a, b) using the LCM method is: Step 1: Find the product of a and b. Step 2: Find the least common multiple (LCM) of a and b. Step 3: Divide the values obtained in Step 1 and Step 2. Step 4: The obtained

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Program to Find GCD or HCF of Two Numbers

If a and b are two numbers then the greatest common divisor of both the numbers is denoted by gcd (a, b). To find the gcd of numbers, we need to list all the factors of the numbers and find

Greatest Common Divisor

The GCD of two numbers is the Greatest Common Divisor/ Number that divides both numbers Can also be called as Highest Common Factor. In this tutorial, we discuss five

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