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How to graph r theta

Table for making the graph of the spiral, with unit of theta as (180/pi)^o=57.3^o, nearly: (r, theta): (0, .0) (4, -1) (8, -2) (12, -3) (16, -4) (20, -5) Here, r=-4 theta >= 0 So, theta<=

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Graphs of Polar Equations

r is kept positive by varying #theta# (radian), through negative . values. This drawing is clockwise, #theta# will decrease but increase . in magnitude. For this spiral graph, smaller magnitude for #theta# gives higher r. . Table for plotting points (r, #theta# radian) for the spiral: Scale for # r = -5/theta#: 1 mm = 1 radian = #57.3^o#.

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Polar Equations

1 Answer A. S. Adikesavan Apr 19, 2016 Express θ in radian, for parity in unit of scale for both r and θ .The graph emanates from the pole as a spiral that diverges radially, from

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How to sketch polar curves

It intercepts the Y-axis at point pi/2 because, when theta=pi/2, r=pi/2. Therefore, x=rcos(theta)=(pi/2)cos(pi/2)=0 and y=rsin(theta)=(pi/2)sin(pi/2)=pi/2. Similarly, as theta

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Graph r=3sin(theta)

In this case we have a radius (distance from the origin) that is the ratio of a constant with the angle. At 0 it is undefined, but as #theta# gets smaller and smaller, the
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