Are you addicted to videogames?

Find yourself lounging in your comfortable chair and playing your favorite video game for hours? But you think it’s not that bad as long as your Human Paladin levels up. Then you realize that you haven’t bathed in several days and your clothes start to stink. But again, you think a Berserker Orc smells worse than you. Then you took a quick look around your notebook and realized how cluttered and cluttered it was. Once again, you shrugged your shoulders and believe that there may still be worse places like the dreaded realms of the frozen undead. Finally, your friends dumped you for not spending time with them. With this last drop of annoyance, you proudly shout, “I don’t need friends, I have my legions of undead!”

Surely this could be an exaggerated sign of video game addiction, but sadly some video game addicts show such exaggerated reactions, to some extent, that some commit suicide when something happens to their game.

Video game addiction is simply defined as an excessive or compulsive use of computers and video games that interferes with daily life. Despite presenting symptoms characteristic of other addictions, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has not given a diagnostic status to video game addiction. These behaviors include not stopping playing, difficulties at work and school, lying to loved ones, less attention to personal hygiene, less attention to family and friends, and disturbances in the sleep cycle.

But hey, let’s hope. Having a video game addiction doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. There is still a way out, but it would take a great deal of work and willpower.

Steps to “cure” video game addiction

Since there is no formal diagnosis for video game addiction, there is still no approved therapy or method to cure video game addiction. But there are a few ways that a video game addict can help alleviate video game addiction. Here are some of those suggested means:

Limit your PLAY TIME.

Set a specific time and duration to play on your gaming system. Limit your playing time to a maximum of 1-2 hours per day. It will be difficult at first, but when your body has adjusted, it will be easy as a normal daily activity. Otherwise, to make you adjust too easily, try to think of your playtime as a reward for doing your other activities.

Be sure to tell your friends, parents, or siblings about your plan to limit their playtime. Give them a specific playtime schedule that you have in mind. That way they can easily control you and monitor if you are following your desired game times.

Limiting your playtime not only frees up a great deal of time for you to do other activities besides playing, but it also corrects your biological clock (which is in tune with games over a long period of hours) slowly.


If you are really so determined to cure your video game addiction and would do anything to accomplish such a feat, then there is only one thing to do: get rid of your GAMING MACHINES. These game machines can range from video game consoles, mobile game machines, PC, among others. But whatever it is, if you have really decided to get rid of them, get rid of them as soon as possible so you won’t be tempted to use it.

You can sell these game consoles for a price in your local stores or to your friends who have been looking at them for years. You can try to hide it in the attic or somewhere that is not easily accessible to you. You can also try gifting it to your friends or family, like your nieces and nephews. If you are giving it away, try giving it to someone far away from you.

Only dispose of gaming machines that you own. Ask or explain to your parents and friends that you are discarding your gaming machines and have started turning the page.

Try other activities.

Whether you try the first suggestion or the second, you will find that you will now have an activity gap with the result of limiting your game time or ditching your game consoles. Lots of free time to try new activities like the above:

Study  – You now have enough time to catch up on your failing grades and neglected studies. You can start reviewing your notes or prepare for your big quizzes and tests. Start opening those school books and don’t let the bookworms get the most out of it. A good education is better than a good game.

Reading  : As long as it’s not an FAQ or strategy guide to your favorite game, reading could be another great and fun way to go. Try to read the latest news in the newspaper; you will be surprised how many events have been missed. You can also try reading books in the library, you may know more about the Greek gods than the game narrator on your game console.

Hang out  : Hang out with your friends and family. I guess it’s about time you got by with them after a long time of isolating yourself with your game console. Interact and chat with them, ask them how they have been doing and what they are doing now. Finally, be humble enough to apologize for taking them for granted.

No matter what the suggestions or methods are for mounting or curing video game addiction, it will never work unless the person is dedicated to changing themselves. DEDICATION and MOTIVATION are the key for these suggestions to be successful.

As the saying goes, “The power to overcome addiction lies in the belief that it is possible combined with a constant strength of spirit.”

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