Find the hypotenuse c of the triangle

If you already know one side and the opposite angle of a right triangle, then an online calculator uses the following formula to solve the hypotenuse of right triangle: Hypotenuse (c) = a / sin (a)

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Hypotenuse of a Triangle. Calculator

In case of right angled triangle, the side c (or hypotenuse) is calculated using the Pythagorean Theorem. According to the theorem, the sum of the squares of base and perpendicular is always equal to the square of the hypotenuse. It is

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Heres How To Find the Hypotenuse of a Right Triangle

Call hypotenuse() with 2 arguments. @ghostprgmr // printf(%.2f\n, hypotenuse(side1, side2, side3)); printf(%.2f\n, hypotenuse(side1, side2)); // double hypotenuse(double x, double y
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