How to subtract integers

Add any positive integers by moving right on a number line. Suppose we're figuring out what 3 + 2 is. Start at 3, move to the right or increase by 2. We end up at 5. This is written

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Subtracting Integers Rules & Examples

Subtracting integers is related to adding integers because both can be expressed in each other's form. For example, we can write 12 + (-9) as 12 - 9. Similarly, we can write - 23 - 5 as -23 + (-5). What is the first Step in Subtracting Integers? The first step in subtracting integers is to change the sign of the subtrahend.

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Subtracting Integers Lesson

Subtract the small integer from the large integer and keep the answer with the larger integer’s sign. – 2 + 7 = 5 ***Remember; The rules of adding positive and negative integers can also be
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Subtracting Integers: Properties, Rules with Solved Examples

The steps to subtract integers are: 1. Keep the first integer just as it is. 2. Since subtraction is addition of the opposite, change subtraction to addition. 3. Change the sign of the

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Subtracting Positive and Negative Integers

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