Round two decimal places calculator

Rounding Numbers Calculator. 3266.5 8. You rounded to the nearest hundredths place. The 2 in the hundredths place rounds up to 3 because the digit to the right in the thousandths place is 8. 3,266.53. When the digit to the right is 5 or

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Rounding Calculator (to N Decimal Places, to Multiple)

After that, select the category called Number. As a result, the value will be rounded to 2 decimal places and the format will be changed to Number from General. Now, let’s try

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Rounding Numbers Calculator

In this case, it is 8. Since 8 > 5 we will round up and increase the hundredths place by 1 i.e. 5+1 =6. Ignore the remaining digits in the decimal number. Therefore, 2.3589 rounded to two decimal

Rounding Calculator

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